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  1. Isaac More

    A trending video of a girl who works at spar

    There's a video of a girl who works at spar, who, according to the people who have seen the video, was self servicing herself, and that apparently she had a whole lot of coming out to fill up a 5 litre bucket, but in any case, we cannot post the video here, I myself, haven't seen it, and I am...
  2. Isaac More

    Inside Stellenbosch University's house of horrors is trending today...

    Inside Stellenbosch University's house of horrors is trending today:
  3. Isaac More

    What Does A Wager Mean In The Big Brother House?

    Wager is like a bet with biggie, a task is given to housemates in such way that if it is won or done properly it leads to increased advantages like shopping money ,surprise packages, and goodies. And when the task is lost certain privileges are denied the housemates.
  4. Isaac More

    SABC 1's Generations Teasers November 2023

    In the upcoming episodes of Generations for November 2023: Wednesday, November 1, 2023 - Episode 248 (2328) Mpho becomes suspicious of the girls and decides to investigate. Two parents are shocked to realize their daughter has deceived them. Is Nozipho's friend developing feelings for her...
  5. Isaac More

    KykNET & Kie's Suidooster Teasers November 2023

    In November 2023, get ready for the upcoming episodes of Suidooster: Wednesday, November 1, 2023 Episode 152 (1921) Lee-Ann plans something special with Ty, while Gary grapples with job search. Mymoena, Bianca, and Kaashifa doubt Rhafiek's decision to purchase another business. Thursday...
  6. Isaac More

    TV - Elif 4 Teasers November 2023

    In the upcoming November 2023 episodes of Elif Season 4: Wednesday, November 1, 2023 - Episode 147 Humeyra and Tarik pay a visit to Rana's home for dinner, where Tarik encounters an unexpected surprise. Meanwhile, Kerem and Sureyya arrive at a reunion venue only to find that no one else is...
  7. Isaac More

    TV - 1802: Love Defies Time Teasers November 2023

    In November 2023, be prepared for a captivating journey in "1802: Love Defies Time": Wednesday, November 1, 2023 - Episode 81Titled: "For the Good of the Kingdom" A deadly plague rages through the land, claiming lives by the minute. Khosi, facing this dire situation, contemplates an extreme...
  8. Isaac More

    How do I register for Capitec cellphone banking without going to the bank?

    Switching to Capitec has never been more easy, fast, and secure – and you don't even have to visit a branch to do it. Simply download our app, take a few selfies, enter your SA ID number, and have your card delivered. Easy steps to open an account with a selfie Step 1: Download the Capitec app...
  9. Isaac More

    How do I check my Capitec balance without airtime and app?

    If you want to check your Capitec account balance without using airtime or the mobile app, you can use their USSD service. To check your balance using USSD, follow these steps: Dial the USSD Code: On your mobile phone, dial the following USSD code: *120*3279#. Enter Your Remote PIN: You will...
  10. Isaac More

    How to transfer money using Capitec without app and cellphone banking?

    How to send cash using USSD Dial *120*3279# and reply 9. Accept the terms and conditions. Reply 1. Choose "From" account. Enter the amount you want to send. Create a 4-digit secret code (this will be used to collect the cash) Enter your Mobile Banking PIN. Capitec Bank primarily relies on...
  11. Isaac More

    Can I link Capitec to PayPal?

    Capitec Bank in South Africa allows you to link your Capitec Bank account to your PayPal account. This enables you to use your Capitec Bank account for PayPal transactions, such as making payments or receiving funds. To link your Capitec Bank account to PayPal, you would typically follow these...
  12. Isaac More

    Can I apply for Capitec Bank account online?

    Capitec Bank primarily operates in South Africa and offers online account opening services. However, the specific process for opening an account online with Capitec Bank may have evolved since then, so I recommend visiting the official Capitec Bank website or contacting their customer support to...
  13. Isaac More

    Can I log in to Capitec without an app?

    Yes. You can do Internet banking on your computer with a token on keyring. The Capitec app is a mobile application provided by Capitec Bank, one of the largest retail banks in South Africa. The app is designed to provide Capitec customers with convenient and secure access to their bank accounts...
  14. Isaac More

    How can I withdraw money from Absa ATM without a card?

    You can withdraw money from Absa ATM without a card by following the steps: Go to an Absa ATM. Select 'CashSend Withdrawal' Enter your 10-digit reference or withdrawal number sent to tour cellphone. Enter the 6-digit access Code from your sender. Withdraw your money.
  15. Isaac More

    How do I withdraw money from Absa mobile banking?

    To withdraw money from your Absa mobile banking account, you'll typically need to follow these steps. Please note that specific instructions may vary depending on your country and the version of the Absa mobile banking app you're using. Here's a general guideline: Log In: Open the Absa mobile...
  16. Isaac More

    What is Absa Bank's user ID?

    This is a unique number specific to your bank account. You use it to access Absa Online Banking. When you first register, you can choose to use your Absa Credit Card, Savings, or Cheque Account number.
  17. Isaac More

    Absa phone banking number

    To access Absa Cellphone Banking in South Africa, you can dial the following number: Dail: *120*2272#
  18. Isaac More

    How can I check my Absa account balance?

    To check your Absa account balance, you can use one of the following methods: Internet Banking: Log in to your Absa internet banking account. Once logged in, you should be able to see your account balance on the dashboard or account summary page. Mobile Banking App: If you have the Absa...
  19. Isaac More

    How do I activate Absa app without going to the bank?

    To activate the Absa app without going to the bank, you can typically follow these steps: Download the Absa App: Start by downloading the Absa banking app from your device's app store. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices. Register for Mobile Banking: Open the app and select...
  20. Isaac More

    How do I set up Absa banking App?

    Setting up the Absa banking app depends on your location and the specific version of the app you are using, but I can provide general guidelines for setting up a mobile banking app. Keep in mind that the process may vary slightly, so it's a good idea to refer to the app's official documentation...